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Gunner98 -> Hydrofoils (4/3/2021 12:22:37 PM)

Discovered this little gem when researching my favorite vessel of the late Cold war: Sparviero class fast attack hydrofoil



stilesw -> RE: Hydrofoils (4/3/2021 2:11:37 PM)

Thanks Bart,

Going in the unofficial Command Dropbox reference library.

Unofficial - i.e. not sponsored by WarefareSims, Matrix Games, Slitherine, their employees, relatives, pets or ancestors.

As always, any forum member can have access to this Dropbox resource. Just PM me with your email address.

-Wayne Stiles

Coiler12 -> RE: Hydrofoils (4/4/2021 11:14:45 AM)

Always liked them and the Pegasus class.

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