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Tmanusa -> Level 3 SU ruins Axis play (4/2/2021 9:33:04 PM)

Title says it all.

Axis can have 110% morale but not penetrate level 3 infantry.

I just don't see the need for it. Or if you have to have it, it should not be allowed before 1944.

2 cent Charlie here :)

El_Condoro -> RE: Level 3 SU ruins Axis play (4/3/2021 12:34:07 AM)

There is a bug with version 1.20. My understanding is that the Russians normally start behind the Germans at Inf Weapons 1 but catch up by Level 3. With the bug, they start even and are ahead of the Germans at Level 3. This will be corrected in the next version. In PBEM++ games, Allies players are keeping their Russians at Level 2 longer to compensate.

stormbringer3 -> RE: Level 3 SU ruins Axis play (4/3/2021 2:27:03 PM)

Does this happen when playing vs. the AI? Will the AI do the right research to cause the problem?

BillRunacre -> RE: Level 3 SU ruins Axis play (4/3/2021 7:44:07 PM)

It's in the unit settings, so the issue is there right from the start of the campaign.

A patch will be forthcoming, but if you wish to start a new game then the best thing to do would be to open up the official campaign, hit File -> Save As, give it a new name and then amend the USSR's combat target statistics.

To do this go to Campaign -> Edit Country Data -> Combat Target Statistics.

EvilSix -> RE: Level 3 SU ruins Axis play (4/13/2021 4:23:09 AM)

I'm not understanding this. We have to change Combat Target Stats for every USSR unit? I just started a SP campaign but will I have to restart if I don't want to mess with the editor?

Edit: I just enrolled in the beat in Steam and it rolls me to 1.17. Will this one work?

BillRunacre -> RE: Level 3 SU ruins Axis play (4/13/2021 9:07:50 AM)

The issue only affects their Corps and Armies, none other.

As to 1.17 I think so, but the best way to be sure is to start a Hotseat game with Fog of War off and compare the Soft and Hard attack/defence stats of Soviet Corps and Armies to German ones.
If they are inferior, then you are good to go, if they are the same, then the issue is there.

I hope that helps.

EvilSix -> RE: Level 3 SU ruins Axis play (4/13/2021 10:08:00 AM)

Thanks Bill. I just checked and the base stats of Soviet and German Corps were the same. I guess the issue is there. I'll try to change the stats in the editor.

Hubert Cater -> RE: Level 3 SU ruins Axis play (4/13/2021 5:29:55 PM)

I just wanted to drop in and apologize for the delay on the patch that would fix this. Right now this is entirely on me. We had some technical issues, last minute problems we had to sort out for the next patch, and a few personal things that came up that needed my immediate attention. Updated build files are to be re-submitted tonight and hopefully not too far after that the patch will be ready for everyone.

EvilSix -> RE: Level 3 SU ruins Axis play (4/14/2021 6:52:51 AM)

No worries, personal issues come first! We are all thankful for the continued work and support on these games!

Will952 -> RE: Level 3 SU ruins Axis play (4/14/2021 6:15:23 PM)

I think everyone can appreciate that these things happen sometimes Hubert, and you've got to put personal issues ahead of work.

All that being said - I think we're all looking forward to that patch!

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