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sfbaytf -> Observation and Quick Though (4/2/2021 6:10:53 PM)

This is probably the definitive Eastern Front game. A well done masterpiece. One thing I do think its missing compared to other games on the topic is the political aspect regarding conduct of the war. Decisive Campaigns Barbarossa captures that nicely.

It would be nice to have some similar features in this sort of game with the option to play with it turned off so you could just play as if Hitler and Stalin stayed out of military affairs and leave it to the generals, or be forced to accommodate the whims of your master.

I think it would be refreshing and challenging to play a campaign as supreme commander with Hitler and Stalin giving their "friendly advice" and see if I could both accommodate their wishes and do better historically than was the case.

In any case enjoying this very much as is.

wodin -> RE: Observation and Quick Though (4/2/2021 6:31:01 PM)

Add the rpg features of DCB to this game!!! It would be AWESOME! Unfortunately DCB seems to be an anomaly. Sadly no other wargame development has taken up where DCB left off, such a shame.

M60A3TTS -> RE: Observation and Quick Though (4/2/2021 6:57:44 PM)

Your post is among several that favor a more open architecture where you're free of the constraints that this game places on you. The release of HOI4 with the opportunity to build customized templates for your divisions as well as plentiful R&D options probably inspires some of these topics. I'm rather doubtful this type of game will go very far in that direction, but then again you don't get if you don't ask.

Zemke -> RE: Observation and Quick Though (4/2/2021 7:01:32 PM)

HOI4 is so very unrealistic. From the production models to the TO&Es, to how the AI will spam division out of nowhere in the middle of nowhere. I tried to like HOI4, but in the end, it was not for me, mostly pure fantasy.

Although I do like the idea of at least the option of turning on a Hitler or Stalin type constraints. This would be interesting.

MechFO -> RE: Observation and Quick Though (4/2/2021 7:31:43 PM)

The Event/ Decision Tree system of DCB, even a stripped down version, combined with WITE2 would be the East Front Game that ends all East Front games.

Choices like

- more truck breakdowns in return for a bigger supply radius from Depots
- much less track damage (aka like Baltics) but all captured Railyards only work at half capacity for a year -> ergo trying to use wide gauge instead of immediate wholesale replacement

sfbaytf -> RE: Observation and Quick Though (4/2/2021 8:12:48 PM)

Like OP I have HOI4 and can't really get into it. In the spirit if ask and you might receive, my wish list besides above mentioned:

1. War in the Pacific upgraded to reflect improvements to WitE - not sure how doable this is, but an update would be great. It still a great game, but could use a update.

2. War in the East linked to War in the West.

3. Ultimate WW2 game-War in the West with War in the East and Pacific (if doable) with event decision tree of DCB.

Ultimately you're a business and it has to make business sense. I paid $125 for Steel Beast Pro, plus a small upgrade fee for some updates that were major, I knew I was getting a definitive tank simulator.

I paid for War in the Pacific, West and East so that gives a clue what I'm willing to pay. In the end Matrix knows what and how much products have sold and whether it make sense to go in a certain direction.

Kel -> RE: Observation and Quick Though (4/2/2021 11:11:32 PM)

in the roleplaying line, when the base game is well ironed out I'd love an expansion with some more historical or quasi historical, plausible optional assets:
- some ships, flottilas, mine warfare
- a few plausible wunderwaffen
- some choice of MRU unit building on the german part
- a few political dilemmas (like changing the vp value of a city in exchange for more assets & supply for an army group)
- some espionage things like maskirovka, red orchestra, a special force unit or two (company or battalion-size SU wich may add some useful abilities to an army hq for example)
- some flavour as german names on the map (Moskau and the like), the option to erase a few non strictly topographic names (The Land Bridge), and a more coherent scheme for ground units (Heeresgruppe and the like since there are Koluft and such things for the air units).
all these, without adding too weird and fantastical features a la HoI

Kronolog -> RE: Observation and Quick Though (4/3/2021 12:07:46 AM)

To some extent, it is already possible to role-play in solo play by imposing certain restrictions on yourself, to simulate political demands. For example, you could use level bombers to bomb manpower in Moscow and other big cities, or you could use dice/RNG to determine offensive goals or to simulate political approval or refusal to retreat from a position.

56ajax -> RE: Observation and Quick Though (4/3/2021 1:07:20 AM)

I would like to add some fun or humor? into the game by having alternative names for the commanders like Von Dumbkoff or Rotyakokof, without destroying the integrity of the game. Very simple change really. [:D]

MaB1708 -> RE: Observation and Quick Though (4/3/2021 9:31:18 AM)


ORIGINAL: 56ajax

I would like to add some fun or humor? into the game by having alternative names for the commanders like Von Dumbkoff or Rotyakokof, without destroying the integrity of the game. Very simple change really. [:D]

[:D] Erich von Klinkerhoffen, von Strohm and others come to mind...

Kel -> RE: Observation and Quick Though (4/3/2021 12:50:22 PM)

Heinrich Valpot von Bassenheim, Karl-Josef baron von Trotta, Anatoly Vassilievich Kuragin

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