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Crobern -> Motorised Squads Not Replacing (4/2/2021 4:26:49 PM)

As above, for several months of game time the various Panzer Divisions have not been replacing their Motorized Infantry Squads. Whether set to Refit or not, they can achieve their maximum TOE but remain stubbornly on zero for Motorised Infantry Squads. Is this a bug? Or have I accidentally triggered some mechanism that I don't know about? The Motorised (now Panzergrenadier) Divisions seem to be happily drawing in additional squads.

Any help with this much appreciated!

Chris21wen -> RE: Motorised Squads Not Replacing (4/3/2021 6:42:16 AM)

Not enough info. What date is it, what version, how far from supply, what's uour TOE settings, etc. Pictures help.

Crobern -> RE: Motorised Squads Not Replacing (4/3/2021 6:55:43 AM)


Difficult to achieve an image swiftly as the game is installed on my other laptop. But in short:

Game Date - July 1943.
Game Version - the most recent that the updater can find, 11.1.03. After checking myself that appears to be the most recent official patch.

The Panzer Divisions are set to Max TOE (100), and sat comfortably within supply distance of their relevant HQs. I've tried shuttling them back further from the front to see if that makes a difference, which it does not. They will happily replenish every other part of their TOE to maximum except for that one, so they're all sporting a single armoured PzGr battalion! I've also noticed that certain units (including GD) are stubbornly not updating their TOEs (although in that case, along with the Motorised Divisions, it IS drawing in Motorised Squads whilst sat in the same conditions as the Panzer Divisions). There doesn't appear to be an industrial capacity issue, there are excess squads in the pool and German industry is not overburdened.

EDIT: I have had a look back at an earlier saved version (Feb 1943) and when the Panzer Divisions were in their 42b TOE they had Motorised Infantry(+) Squads and the Motorised Divisions had Motorised Infantry Squads. In the 43a TOE the Panzer Divisions switched to squads without the '+' at which point they appear to have become unable to replenish them.

Perhaps it is because von Bock was abruptly executed in May 1943? Although it has been an issue for months of game time.

Denniss -> RE: Motorised Squads Not Replacing (4/3/2021 8:16:58 AM)

I believe this was a data issue from the past, the 43a PD OB had future squads in their list and the game engine was not able to switch back to an older version. It's possible the 43 type squad will not produce until 9/43, in current versions it already starts in 7/43.

Crobern -> RE: Motorised Squads Not Replacing (4/3/2021 9:49:24 AM)

That is interesting, I did wonder if there was some internal conflict going on. My intention is just to run the turns on for a period of time to see if anything changes, and I notice that the Motorised Squads do have a production date change over in July 1943 as you mention. If it's specific to the Panzer Divisions then that would explain why the Motorised Divisions are still able to receive Motorised Infantry Squads in their extant form. It's a massive problem (especially if it can be fixed in such a way that doesn't affect that saved game), if the Germans have to operate with Panzer Divisions that have almost no infantry component during the main fighting season.

EDIT: Having run the game on, indeed on the 1st July 1943 turn suddenly Motorised Infantry Squads have been surged into all of the Panzer Divisions. Irritating! Having gone through the Editor, there appears to be no reason why this should happen. The 43a PZ Div is listed as still using '39 Mot Inf Squads, it isn't until 43b that the TOE lists '43 Mot Inf Squads.

My tentative conclusion is that perhaps a patch/update has affected my current game because it has been going on for so long!

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