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vilcum -> Units and counters own mix (4/2/2021 10:07:47 AM)

I took pieces of old and new mods to made a custom combo, this is the list of changes:

-All counters changed to look a little bit "thick"
-No two color counters (luftwaffe, non elite SS)
-Different counter color for Italian and Rumanians
-New NATO badge for SEC and Light Infantry (borrowed from old europa series cardboard)
-highly modified HQ counters. No "HQ" nato logo but kind of german organization code flags (differs for each level) and a big colour band to
mistaking them no more with combat units!

- I use mostly kosmoface non-nato there, adapted to the different counter size and colors, and swaping mountain and security badges. HQ combine flag and badge.

Thanks to kosmoface for his non-nato counters (and the color band idea!) and all wite1 forgotten (by me :() modders who made that counters in first place.


vilcum -> RE: Units and counters own mix (4/2/2021 10:15:09 AM)

the files should be moved to :

Matrix Games\Gary Grigsby's War in the East 2\Dat\Art\Tiles\Units

Remember making a backup of you art folder before.

RG11B19D -> RE: Units and counters own mix (4/6/2021 5:50:26 PM)

Thank you for this mod. Always looking for a good counter mod.

Maybe someone can do the colors combinations from some old AH/SPI wargames.

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