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Kronolog -> Three minor bugs (4/1/2021 4:14:38 PM)

I've discovered three small bugs:

1. The dates on the Weather Estimation-screen are wrong. The report for the current turn uses the date of the previous turn, and the estimation for the next turn uses the date of the current turn. The report and estimation themselves however appear to be correct, that is, for the current and the next turn.

2. As of turn 22 in my 41 campaign as the Germans, five T70 M1942, seven ISU-122 and three T34 M1942 are listed as having been captured, even though the Soviets should not have begun producing them yet.

3. The two R.A.D battalions that begin in the Norway Theater box have duplicated "R.A.D" in their names (e.g "K52 R.A.D R.A.D Labor Detatchment")

Kronolog -> RE: Three minor bugs (4/1/2021 4:19:05 PM)

To clarify, this game was begun on the release version and subsequently updated with the beta.

Denniss -> RE: Three minor bugs (4/1/2021 6:10:06 PM)

#3 is already known and will be fixed once we get to provide updated scenarios
for #2 i can only speculate there's a unit mistakenly using a very future OB

carlkay58 -> RE: Three minor bugs (4/1/2021 6:41:22 PM)

#1 is correct by design. The new weather turn is in the Soviet phase. So last turn's Soviet weather is this turn's Axis weather. The Allies (both east and west) had reports from wide flung weather stations to see what the weather was likely to be and therefore more accurate. So the Soviets know what weather the Axis will have in their turn and can act accordingly.

Kronolog -> RE: Three minor bugs (4/1/2021 6:53:04 PM)

Ok, now I understand. I was a bit confused with how the dates were presented, but it makes sense now given how the weather changes.

Denniss -> RE: Three minor bugs (4/3/2021 10:41:33 AM)

tried to replicate #2 with an AI vs AI testgame but have not seen such tanks in soviet service. found some minor data issues but no such AFV anywhere in SOV inventory. Your save has some of them still in SOV pool.

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