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Devast8or -> Did AI just pull a Houdini on me? (3/31/2021 9:14:51 PM)

I started up Typhoon as Axis in my first game (normal AI). Tried to create few pockets and by the end of Turn 1 I almost pocketed a large portion, leaving a 3 hex gap to the northwest (see screen). Undoubtedly not the best pocket but I figured either they have to run towards Vyazma or fight their way through my Panzers, even if they fled towards Vyazma I thought I would be able to get another try at a pocket on turn 2.

To my surprise the units vanished leaving almost no trace, I thought I would find many in the gap and around Vyazma but they were gone to what seems to be a new coherent line (6-7 hexes) east from Vyazma. (See screen) Does AI have unlimited movement?

I switched to Soviet Player to try an attempt the same evacuation and just as I expected the best I could do was to move couple of units all the way back, most of the pocketed units could only reach hexes around Vyazma and many could only move up to the gap.


loki100 -> RE: Did AI just pull a Houdini on me? (3/31/2021 9:18:56 PM)

key concept is explained in 30.7.2, but that should only kick in if you give it 110 on the morale.

but generally vs the AI, try to ZoC every possible exit hex - if you possibly can

Devast8or -> RE: Did AI just pull a Houdini on me? (3/31/2021 9:26:24 PM)

Just had a look in the manual and if I understand it correctly I have the situation as shown in the first screenshot in the manual under section 30.7.2. As you say this should only apply on morale 110+ which I don't have. It's set to 100. Could this be a bug? I have save games both from T1 and T2.

loki100 -> RE: Did AI just pull a Houdini on me? (3/31/2021 9:34:35 PM)

I'd report it as a bug looks like the AI has behaved as it would at that morale level to me

carlkay58 -> RE: Did AI just pull a Houdini on me? (4/1/2021 12:25:42 AM)

The AI definitely should not be able to do that at 100.

Report it as a bug in Tech Support and include the saves from your last turn to the end of your logistics phase please.

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