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Ekaton -> Excessive plane losses under AI (3/31/2021 10:21:28 AM)

In the 1941 campaign, with AI taking care of the air war, I often see air losses of exactly 40 planes on my side at least a few times during ground battles im June/July 1941. My air losses by turn 3 are at 240, it doesn’t seem like the AI is doing a good job.

Erik Rutins -> RE: 40 plane losses (3/31/2021 12:59:50 PM)

I'm assuming you are playing as the Axis? You do have to be careful not to use your ground support when you are well out of range of your fighters. The most likely cause of this early is over-using ground support when your bombers have to fly unescorted over your furthest breakthrough units. Other than that, the results should be significantly in your favor early on. We'd need to see a screenshot with the air battle and the situation to be able to comment more.

Ekaton -> RE: 40 plane losses (3/31/2021 3:20:39 PM)

Yes, I'm playing as Axis AI vs regular opponent (100 in all difficulty settings). I let the AI manage my air completely and by turn 4 I've lost 865 planes, 384 being operational losses. 219 of these planes are recon, 298 level bombers, 64 tactical bombers and 225 fighter bombers. Soviets lost 4,812 planes within the same timeframe.

My question is, aren't these losses excessive? It seems that though fighters are usually available, AI is often sending undefended bombers on ground support missions, and recon missions are suffering very heavy losses in general.

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