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JudgeDredd -> Differences/Enhancements list (3/26/2021 6:54:33 AM)

Sorry if I just can't see it - but I was looking for a concise list of changes and enhancements between WitE and 2...is there such a thing?

Rosseau -> RE: Differences/Enhancements list (3/26/2021 7:07:40 AM)

Good question, and my dilemma is this: After buying WitE, WitW and all the DLC on release (and not really going deep into the games all these years), I hesitate to invest $71 in a "new" game that looks quite the same on the surface. Also, the editor is very important to me, and not sure if there are significant enhancements to that.

It appears the ideal buyer is someone who has pretty much played out the original and all the patches, understands the system very well, and is looking to step up to a "super" patch of sorts. Which makes perfect sense, but that's not me. Also, a must-buy for someone who has never played the series.

So despite my itchy trigger finger, I need to hold off on this one.

Jajusha -> RE: Differences/Enhancements list (3/26/2021 8:15:10 AM)

To the OP,
You have a list in the manual, from page 343 onwards,

But roughly, From WITE1 to WITE2 is:
New map
New supply system with the depots and double rails
Full new air model, with a separate air phase
Combat preparation points
Fully modeled road system that improves mobility, and rough terrain that blocks it
Theater boxes
New attacking and defending AI
Weather model
QoL gameplay features

RedLancer -> RE: Differences/Enhancements list (3/26/2021 8:20:14 AM)

See here: https://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tm.asp?m=4985720

JudgeDredd -> RE: Differences/Enhancements list (3/26/2021 11:08:02 AM)

Thank you all

Erik Rutins -> RE: Differences/Enhancements list (3/26/2021 2:17:40 PM)

The pinned Showcase threads in this forum are well worth reading through for a more complete summary.

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