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Big Ivan -> Any new AAR's? (3/25/2021 11:48:09 PM)

The TotH family has been really really quiet lately!?

Haven't seen any AAR's since last year grunts!

What?, are you all bored? I hope not!

Step up, it's not that hard to do an AAR! Just read the examples to get a good feel[:D]

UP844 -> RE: Any new AAR's? (3/26/2021 3:19:58 PM)

Why not? [:D]

UP844 -> RE: Any new AAR's? (4/14/2021 10:40:42 PM)

I'd like to see an AAR of "A Promising Start" to show me the error of my ways. Volunteers, anyone?

rico21 -> RE: Any new AAR's? (4/15/2021 6:44:54 AM)

Adopt A Rico[:D]


rico21 -> RE: Any new AAR's? (4/15/2021 6:46:19 AM)

Who dare win


UP844 -> RE: Any new AAR's? (4/16/2021 2:37:05 PM)

Thanks Rico!

I didn't think to take the right-side approach because of the woods and hills, since I thought it will slow down the advance (as a matter of fact, both Hetzer bogged in the woods hex but I was lucky and they managed to free themselves).

This time, after the pesky 57mm ran out of HE without inflicting too many losses, I managed to approach the gun line through the right woods and to kill both the 57mm and the 40mm (three out of 4 in CC [:D].
I subsequently lost 2 1/2 squads by unnecessarily and foolishly moving in an open ground hex (I should have learnt not to do this the first time I played "The Guards Counterattack" back in 1985 [8|]), and then the 57mm on the left killed one Hetzer, but on the very last turn I managed to exit 4 squads and one Hetzer.

All other approaches I attempted lead to a mix between a mechanized Balaklava and a WWI infantry assault, with the 40mm AA guns slaughtering German infantry and the Hetzer performing very poorly as wannabe StuGs (a role they were never designed for), as they usually fire 2 or 3 times before running out of HE.

fuselex -> RE: Any new AAR's? (6/19/2021 3:58:24 PM)

the game is dead ,
move on , to much talent wasted on a game that has finished ,

Hailstone -> RE: Any new AAR's? (6/19/2021 9:14:14 PM)


ORIGINAL: fuselex

the game is dead ,
move on , to much talent wasted on a game that has finished ,

Easy Fuselex, easy. Of course, TotH has its flaws but that's not the way to look at it. What is out there that can compete with TotH? Maybe I'm a glass half filled guy compared to your glass half empty viewpoint.[:D]

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