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juv95hrn -> Air HQ colour change bug? (3/25/2021 8:05:47 PM)

When I change the colour (pink) of the SouthWestern (as USSR of course) air command, the 4 BAK air corps, under the long range air command, changes to the same colour, although these are under another HQ (long range air command). I think at least. Is this a bug, the BAK corps hqs somehow connected to SW air command in the wrong way?


RedLancer -> RE: Air HQ colour change bug? (3/25/2021 8:20:53 PM)

Well spotted - I get this to repeat. Interestingly the lower level AOGs have a different colour, don't change if reset 4BAK and a change is reciprocal into Southwestern.

Thank you

Joel Billings -> RE: Air HQ colour change bug? (3/25/2021 8:26:15 PM)

Very good catch. Yes, there seems to be a link to the Southwest Air Command HQ instead of the Long Range Air Command HQ. We'll fix that in the data in the first data update. The impact any unit reporting directly to a BAK will be using the SW Air Command leader and its supply proirity, although the divisions underneath them which house all the units at start are correctly reporting to the Long Range Air Command.

Thanks for the report.

juv95hrn -> RE: Air HQ colour change bug? (3/25/2021 9:02:22 PM)

Feel free to delete, or move to the bug section. I was just confused over the result.

Thanks for the game!!!

EDIT: aaaand it was already moved. GG.

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