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cometsoft -> Monitor Resolution (3/25/2021 4:10:53 PM)

I have been having trouble getting War in the West and War in the Paciic to run on my Surface Book 2 and/or Wacom Cintiq. It's a pain to find the right resolution and match it with the right font. Have there been any improvements in the way WIE2 handles different size monitors, say automatically?

Erik Rutins -> RE: Monitor Resolution (3/25/2021 4:19:40 PM)

In terms of the graphics engine itself, the main upgrades had to do with the dynamic tiled map and performance and memory usage rather than anything on resolution/size detection. As it runs in a window that can be sized to the desktop that didn't come up as an issue during testing but I'm not sure we had anyone trying it on a Surface. With that said, it's an extremely different engine from WITP and quite upgraded from WITW as well but I can't guarantee any difference without having tested it on that hardware.

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