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OpT1mUs -> HQ Supply / Minimum Supply Values (3/24/2021 4:50:23 AM)

So I was reading about Supply in the manual (I know it's outdated).

And this whole section makes zero sense to me :


7.25.4 section bullet points contradict the table under 7.25.6

Even though HQ distribution when in hex supply of less than 3 is 5 (as per 7.25.4), "minimum supply value" for a Str 10 HQ is somehow 8 if it's supplied by a "1-5" supplies resource? (as per 7.25.26 table).

Am I misunderstanding something here, or did they literally put two contradictory tables/paragraphs right next to each other on the same page?

(For the added confusion, I know that the 7.25.4 section has been changed in one of the patches to be:

But this is unimportant in this example, since the 7.25.6 contradicts this one as well.)

The Land -> RE: HQ Supply / Minimum Supply Values (3/24/2021 8:48:55 AM)

Those sections don't actually contradict each other - the earlier one is about full-strength HQs, the later ones deal with damaged HQs.

OpT1mUs -> RE: HQ Supply / Minimum Supply Values (3/24/2021 11:37:14 AM)

No offence, but this is really half-assed reply. I literally asked about the Str 10 example on the right table aka non damaged HQ.
How is a non damaged HQ Minimum Supply of 8 , when receiving "1-5" supplies.

Edit: Checked WW1 manual those minimum supply tables are completely removed. I guess they are actually useless.

The Land -> RE: HQ Supply / Minimum Supply Values (3/24/2021 2:20:53 PM)

oh, I see what you mean. What's the right answer for an HQ with strength 10 but incoming supply 1 or 2? Well, the right answer is that it provides supply 5. Don't know if section 7.25.6 was ever accurate!

OpT1mUs -> RE: HQ Supply / Minimum Supply Values (3/24/2021 3:41:14 PM)

Yeah,seems that it never was. Sorry if I came off a bit rude,cheers

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