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RJL5188 -> Image in Signature (3/23/2021 2:15:32 AM)

Can someone give me step by step instructions on how to post an image in the signature?
Pretty please with a cherry on top? [;)]

DeepBlack -> RE: Image in Signature (3/23/2021 5:20:11 AM)

1. Create free account with imgur

imgur photo site

2. Upload desired signature image to your imgur account

3. In imgur, click on image you uploaded. This
opens an edit post window.

4. Copy the link that says BBcode

5. Open your matrix profile page.

6. Paste BBCode you just copied from imgur
into your blank Matrix profile signature section.

7. Click apply and refresh one of your
Matrix forum posts to see make sure image appears.

RJL5188 -> RE: Image in Signature (3/24/2021 12:59:45 AM)


BlueTemplar -> RE: Image in Signature (6/8/2021 1:04:24 PM)

Sorry to intrude, but while this is truly a magnificent picture, don't you think that it's way too big and distracting as a signature ?

Maybe consider using it for your profile picture instead ?

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