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wegman58 -> INSTALLED FINE, WON'T RUN (3/22/2021 5:03:55 PM)

I recently bought a new computer, high end Windows 10 Dell Desktop. Up to date.

I'm reinstalling my Matrix Games. Did Forge of Freedom this morning.

Installation went fine, no issues there.

Hit PLAY. Started loading, got the typical change in Display Resolution common with older games, starts humming along, first screen then nothing. Program ends

Tried the old standby, did the compatibility check (right click icon), Program worked in earlier versions..., picked Windows 7 (worked for another game), same pattern.

ThomasJay -> RE: INSTALLED FINE, WON'T RUN (3/29/2021 7:14:09 PM)

After reading this I just installed on my lenovo legion win10 laptop. Used recommended compatibilty (Vista)for both the installer and game.exe. The opening graphics are messed up but the game seems to run fine other than the fixed screen resolution.
I can't download the update though, it directs me to a blank ftp page.

wegman58 -> RE: INSTALLED FINE, WON'T RUN (3/29/2021 7:47:47 PM)

Set the 'worked with' to Vista. Still no joy.

ThomasJay -> RE: INSTALLED FINE, WON'T RUN (3/29/2021 8:26:30 PM)

Sorry to hear that, it's apparently not a Win10 issue though, something with the graphics card settings maybe? Hopefully someone much more knowledgeable than me will come along or support will be able to help.

hapshott -> RE: INSTALLED FINE, WON'T RUN (4/14/2021 10:51:03 PM)

Hello, I have the same problem. The thing is that I played it in the past on this PC. It suddenly doesn't start anymore.

I tried all compatibility modes. I also tried dxwnd, dgvodoo and ddraw fixes. But nothing works. It loads and when the blue bar is at 100% it just closes the program.

Crown of glory, which is almost identical to fof works fine.

I'm open to other suggestions. So if someone has it running on windows 10 (20h2)....

Best regards,


hapshott -> RE: INSTALLED FINE, WON'T RUN (4/30/2021 5:41:09 PM)

There is an update on your "MY PAGE". Use this to install FoF. It runs great again.

Many thanks for the patch

best regards,


milkweg -> RE: INSTALLED FINE, WON'T RUN (6/20/2021 5:38:53 PM)

FoF requires Flash installed to run. Does this patch remove that requirement?

WallysWorld -> RE: INSTALLED FINE, WON'T RUN (6/21/2021 7:53:20 PM)

Yes, the 2021 patch removes the need for Flash to run the main menu videos. The game runs just fine for me.

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