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Robert24 -> Bolshevik Takeover (3/21/2021 5:58:46 PM)

Good afternoon,
After the Armistice with Russia I want the Bolsheviks to take control of Russia. Is it possible for the new country of Bolshevik (I created it in the editor) to takeover Russia in armistice?

mdsmall -> RE: Bolshevik Takeover (3/21/2021 6:04:11 PM)

Out of curiosity, why do you want to create a new country? Why not just keep it as Russia, under new management?

Robert24 -> RE: Bolshevik Takeover (3/21/2021 6:40:11 PM)

The unit designations would all be different, to include the HQ names, and the flags have to change.

BillRunacre -> RE: Bolshevik Takeover (3/22/2021 10:14:31 AM)

I would suggest trying a SURRENDER_2 script, whereby Russia surrenders to the Bolsheviks.

I'm not sure if the Bolsheviks will have to exist first on the map for it to work, if so then use a TERRITORY script to create their country at their new capital, and then have the SURRENDER_2 script to make Russia surrender to them.

It'll be best to set the events to happen in the first turn, in order to test that they work, and then amend their trigger conditions afterwards once you know it works ok.

Robert24 -> RE: Bolshevik Takeover (3/26/2021 3:11:05 AM)

Hi Bill,

Great tip: I set the events to fire on the first turn.

SURRENDER 2 did not work - I wish it had. I ended up using a TERRITORY script - each of Russians one million hexes were added to the script.

BillRunacre -> RE: Bolshevik Takeover (3/26/2021 8:19:17 PM)

Glad you got it working, I must admit I wasn't 100% sure how it could be done! [:)]

Robert24 -> RE: Bolshevik Takeover (5/17/2021 3:31:46 AM)

Good evening all,
A new issue I need help with.
I have a problem where Entente units are not able to enter White Russian territory.
This is after a Territory script runs to convert the land hexes from Russian to White Russian, White Russia is aligned with the Entente, and a Belligerence script runs to make the Entente countries at war with the Bolsheviks.
Any ideas what I could try next?

BillRunacre -> RE: Bolshevik Takeover (5/17/2021 9:16:52 AM)

Hi Robert

Is White Russia a Major or a Minor, and is it fully mobilized or is it still neutral?

Robert24 -> RE: Bolshevik Takeover (5/17/2021 1:00:30 PM)

White Russia is a Major and is fully mobilized.

BillRunacre -> RE: Bolshevik Takeover (5/17/2021 8:46:14 PM)

Its cooperative settings should dictate whether other units can Operate into it, could that be it?

But nothing I can think of should prevent them actually being able to move into it, i.e. land movement.

If all else fails then it'll be best to email me the campaign to and I'll take a look, hoping for inspiration! [:)]

Robert24 -> RE: Bolshevik Takeover (5/18/2021 3:49:41 AM)

Yep, all else failed.
Files in your Furysoftware inbox.

Thanks for the offer!

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