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ShotgunHobo -> [MOD] [WIP] Extended Universe Dialog Overhaul (3/21/2021 1:50:03 PM)

Extended Universe Submod - Dialog Overhaul
Only nine years too late!

As a long time Distant Worlds player, especially modded, the use of default, generic-sounding dialog by all races mildly irritated my immersion. Why was it that the Boskara, a race of bloodthirsty insects, were so cordial and inviting to their 'friends'? Why did every trade offer start with the same text? Why was there so little flavour?

The majority of dialog options within Extended Universe default to the generic race dialog, meaning that it is shared between all species. Every inhabitant sounds the same! While I chalked up this 'oversight' as being simple to remedy initially, it turns out that writing over ~100 lines of dialog for each race is a big undertaking! Although I'm jumping the gun, I'm hoping that posting this will provide motivation to fight my way through the entire forty races that Extended Universe offers, and provide a unique voice for each.

I'll also be updating the Galactiopedia to make the description of each race flow better - but as a purist, I wish to stay as close to the true, original vision in mind for each race. The premise same goes for the dialog.

Completed: Ackdarian, Atuuk, Banoserit, Boskara, Caleph, Enton, Haakonish, Mechanoid, Ortain, Ketarov.
Yet to complete: Gizurean, Ikkuro, Jintus, Keskudon, Kiadian, Lemeresh, Lipid, Mortalen, Napoar, Naxxilian, Partis, Phaerax, Quameno, Riktoh, Securan, Shakturi, Shandar, Sluken, Tairoshan, Tarapin, Teekan, Ugnari, Visareen, Wekkarus, Ylta, Yor, Zenox.
Percentage: ~10/40, 25%

Hattori Hanzo -> RE: [MOD] [WIP] Extended Universe Dialog Overhaul (6/15/2021 2:48:36 PM)

Sound really interesting, where do you will up-load your DW1 sub-mod when it will be finally ready ?

Will it only work for Extended Universe or also for the "vanilla" base game ?

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