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kirkoa -> Players still here? (3/21/2021 12:29:38 PM)

I have been playing some of the scenarios from Avalon Hill's War and Peace, and am looking into purchasing a Strategic Napoleonic War game for the computer. Matrix has this one, the one by Aneod and another one. I have heard of this board game, and was wondering if this is a good game for the computer, and are there players here who would play online?


pzgndr -> RE: Players still here? (3/21/2021 5:53:53 PM)

Of course! Seriously, EIA was a well-established boardgame with lots of players. This computer version is fairly faithful but has been plagued by bugs and other issues over the years. I have spent the past 4-5 years helping to improve things and the v1.23.08 patch is nearing completion for the next official update. If you're looking for a good grand-strategy Napoleonic game, EIA is very good. There are still players here and a few PBEM games ongoing. I am hopeful that the next patch may attract old players back to try again and re-energize the community here.

Cirfindil -> RE: Players still here? (6/10/2021 3:37:35 PM)

Hey Bill!

I was considering purchasing EinA, however I'll admit some concern after reading the forums. Shelling out $40 for another product which has been "plagued by bugs" doesn't seem like a wise investment, no matter how much I love the table top version. Does the hotseat version work ok?

pzgndr -> RE: Players still here? (6/10/2021 4:06:53 PM)


ORIGINAL: Cirfindil
"plagued by bugs"

A desire to resolve most of those nagging bugs, make some game enhancements, and improve the AI computer opponent was what prompted me to take on continued code development several years ago. The v1.23.08 update that I am wrapping up for official release (soon) will go a long way to bringing this computer adaptation of a very complex boardgame closer to reality. I try.

There are PBEM games ongoing, hotseat is an option, and solitaire against the AI computer opponents is much more challenging than it used to be 10 years ago. It is still a work in progress, still not perfect but much much better. If you're reluctant to make a purchase now, just wait for another Matrix sale. I think EIA was down to $19 at one point.

Cirfindil -> RE: Players still here? (6/10/2021 7:48:51 PM)

Ok thank you for the reply! That's dedication! Is there a need for beta testers? I helped bet CoG years ago. I've been getting the itch to start a Grand Campaign in the Emperor's Edition and thought about EinA instead. I'll keep an eye out thanks again!

pzgndr -> RE: Players still here? (6/12/2021 7:33:23 PM)


ORIGINAL: Cirfindil
Ok thank you for the reply! That's dedication! Is there a need for beta testers?

Thanks. At this point, I just posted Hotfix #4 and we're really close to getting the v1.23.08 update wrapped up and released as an official patch. Once that's out and stable with no surprises, Matrix is going to re-master the installer for this new version. Then players will have the latest installer features and be able to make a single comprehensive installation to v1.23.08 without the hassles we've had to deal with related to the original installer from years ago.

Once folks get to play v1.23.08 with its many bug fixes and other improvements, there are two items that should attract players back. First, the AI computer opponent is much better. Not brilliant, but much improved and a tougher challenge. Second, PBEM is much improved plus the option for having AI computer opponent players is now functioning. So smaller playgroups of less than 7 people are possible, which speeds up PBEM games. Anyways, once players start playing again, we can take stock of where we are and where we want to go next.

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