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U235 -> Updates (3/18/2021 6:28:25 PM)

I've been having a long term issue with getting updates for local PC Matrix/Slitherine titles. I click on check for updates, if there is a new handle that updates, but when it goes to patch I always get an error concerning the FTP server. I've made sure my firewall is open. I thought after a recent unintended Windows 10 install, the problem might be resolved, but unfortunately, it is not. As it stands I have to log into the "My Page", get the patch and do a manual install. Am I missing a setting? The games purchased and installed from Matrix/ Slitherine are the only games I have this issue with. I know, I know I can do Steam and/or GOG, but I choose to support the developer considering the huge cut the big clients take. Any clues?

VPaulus -> RE: Updates (3/19/2021 10:28:13 AM)

Usually this issue is caused by the interference of a Internet security program (a firewall, an anti-virus, an anti-malware, etc.) with the game update feature.

Please check if any of your Internet security programs is interfering with the download from our ftp servers.

Alternatively, you can manually download and install the updates from your account's "MY PAGE" download area (*) or from the download section in the game product's page.

(*) You can download games and patches/updates from your account’s download area provided they are registered to the account. Please see the forum post below which explains how to do this:

U235 -> RE: Updates (4/9/2021 11:50:01 PM)

Thanks, I'll have a look. The Updater has no problem when it downloads the handles and updates that. It's just when it gets to the FTP servers that it errors. I do get updates from the members pages, but you can beat the convenience of updating via the application.

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