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ledrobi -> Warplan - v1.00.10 Update (3/17/2021 8:45:08 AM)

We have released a new update for Warplan, including many fixes and improvements.

Fixed scripts that give oil to countries
Fixed pursuit and interception gives proper fleet ID increases
Fixed pursuit title on combat logs
Fixed interdiction with night mission
Fixed information panel and added splitter between convoy and controller
Fixed supply and oil issues with pursuit and interception
Fixed invading same hex destroy unit there bug
Change priority reinforcement button so it more distinguishable and updated the tooltip
Change naval bombardment support will now include any naval unit not in port within a 1 hex radius of the defender for the attacker or defender to put in support for attacks and not use operation points
Change options save button location to top and in gold
Fixed out of supply fleets intercepting
Fixed out of supply fleets supply interdicting
Fixed sunk fleet selector bug
Added flavor message for CV ground support
Change text on "Recon. very low" -> "Reconnaissance very low"
Fixed $ModifyCountry script with lifespan=continuous bug
Fixed Vladivostok and Persian Lend Lease scripts for Russia
Fixed invasion erase unit already there bug
Added hotkey for changing unit status
Change Norway's Oslo division strength 3 -> strength 7
Fixed "basic supply" messaging for air units
Russian Front Changes
o Change if neutral Russian production boosts after June 1941 have been pushed back and reduced to allow for a valid Axis 1942 strategy
o Change map terrain and rivers in Russia for a slower progress game
o Change Soviet armor and mech operation point increased moved back 6 months.
o Change Soviet default experience lowered from 35% to 30%
o Added Soviet corps will now automatically convert to an Army if the health is 18+ or a split Army is health is lower than 18
o Improved Axis A.I. defensive lines in Russia
Added flavor text for carrier damage
Added improved combat log text
Added CV flying auto ground support as if it was naval bombarment
Fixed out of oil air units flying support
Fixed seeing A.I. supply with hotkey
Fixed fleets transporting units do not raid supply or convoys
Added a more verbose message on trades with other major powers dealing with insufficient merchants
Fixed negative merchant marine text
Change vertical scroll bar width +5 pixels
Change save text in options is now larger, colored, and bold, so it is easier to see
Added hot key "V" for invasion when on a fleet
Fixed "k" key when renaming
Fixed supply truck text in production menu
Fixed fleets transporting units can't block supply
Fixed A.I. DOW bug with invasions causing loss of production
Fixed undo unit production bug
Added Kronstadt label to map
Fixed convoy from major power owned hex showing what is being shipped instead of what was shipped on convoy screen
Fixed some A.I. land unit move updates
Added choice to have A.I. keep historical or random plan in main menu
Fixed disembark not costing landing craft bug
Fixed disembark not setting half movement bug
Fixed blizzard locked port at 148,75
Change casualty to kill level by 7% (means less kills more effectiveness loss)
Fixed unit repair rounding error
Change lowered heavy armor tech advancement progress in tanks and defense
Fixed A.I. transport loop bug
Added +60 manpower per Waffen manpower game event
Fixed naval unit on land/sea/rail hex there is no convoy here raid bug
Fixed A.I. fleets changing ports to raider mode so they don't kill themselves intercepting
Change weather zone in Cairo area Mediterranean -> Semi-Arid
Port sizes 5+ may no longer be attacked by surface ships
Port size 1-4 defense is now 5.
Fixed 0 air unit counter removal bug
Fixed minor air unit not being able to use supply trucks
Fixed land/air units no longer recover effectiveness in a fleet
Change beachhead supply can be now from any fleet including one transporting land and air
Change adjusted hold retreat due to holds vs high odds attacks were too good
Added land and air units being transported by naval will lose 5% effectiveness a turn
Fixed invasion/disembark selection based on landing craft available
Fixed damage on production when captured
Fixed cleared game statistics error in 1944 scenario
Added Dunkirk to map
Change armor, mech, air use 2 supply trucks per 10 strength
Change supply trucks yield 50% base recovery +1 = 4%
Fixed air interdiction combat log to show defending fleet
Fixed convoy attack system
Change Sardinia resource moved to mainland and a strategic resource added to Sardinia instead
Added flavor text for when a surface fleet successfully engages a carrier fleet on the surface
Change base chance of air transport being shot down 0% -> 33% when intercepted + damage
Change Air transporting and paradropping cost 1 oil now.
Change A.I. sends more production to reinforcements for minor powers
Fixed A.I. move override other unit bug
Fixed A.I. merge unit bug when not type available
Added when exiting options it autosaves them
Fixed corps to army upgrade bug
Fixed A.I. order clearing bug
Fixed historical/random plan toggle on saved games
Fixed A.I. scripting for attacking Benelux with the new rule set concerning Benelux DOWs
Fixed minor change advancement bug
Fixed double message with garrison change
Fixed deploy to production blank screen bug
Fixed air convoy raid bug
Change oil production will now also reflect the current entry status of the nation
Fixed merging units will keep the speciality but if 2 units have specialty one will be lost
Added better flavor log for convoy raids
Fixed phantom air to air encounters showing air that never flew in land combat
Fixed operation point use during air transport combat
Fixed Carrier battle bug in AA or A2A combat
Fixed combat logs not clearing when going back to main menu
Added "quick save" button to save menu so players can save the game under the same name they loaded with
Fixed double intercept problem
Fixed conquest end of game error in PBEM
Fixed Luxembourg message on DOW
Fixed Vladivostok message on USSR surrender
Added option to toggle "Ease of Access" for disabled players.
Added ready date in production
Fixed destroyed naval fleet corrupting hex data
Added extra message for destroyed fleet in combat
Fixed escort light up
Fixed right click disembark
Fixed CV air damage to where they take the correct amount of air to air damage
Fixed intercept operation point use vs CV missions
Fixed air disembark cost to -15% effectiveness
Fixed specialization for land units
Fixed escort light up part 2
Fixed CV air repair
Fixed control+RMB to unload land units
Fixed A.I. air area checking

sillyflower -> RE: Warplan - v1.00.10 Update (3/17/2021 10:22:13 AM)


ORIGINAL: ledrobi

We have released a new update for Warplan, including many fixes and improvements.

Fixed naval unit on land/sea/rail hex there is no convoy here raid bug

At last! I have had to rage quit several times in the past after finding enemy fleets cutting off my supplies by sitting on my rail lines [sm=00000018.gif]

More seriously, these changes look good and in particular should significantly reduce the number of quick wins by either side.

AlvaroSousa -> RE: Warplan - v1.00.10 Update (3/17/2021 1:56:37 PM)

I try

abulbulian -> RE: Warplan - v1.00.10 Update (3/17/2021 6:29:49 PM)

I'm trying to the Matrix v1.00.10 release, but the Warplan updater is failing with an error. Guessing this is because I'm on the latest beta 10U2?

So the question is how do I update the Matrix version from the beta?


ncc1701e -> RE: Warplan - v1.00.10 Update (3/17/2021 6:35:53 PM)

Go to the Warplan product page. You can download the patch from there.

AlvaroSousa -> RE: Warplan - v1.00.10 Update (3/17/2021 6:47:07 PM)

No the beta doesn't affect the installer.

ncc1701e -> RE: Warplan - v1.00.10 Update (3/17/2021 7:21:02 PM)

Game says v1.00.1 instead of v1.00.10. Not a big deal.

eddieballgame -> RE: Warplan - v1.00.10 Update (3/17/2021 8:45:46 PM)


ORIGINAL: ncc1701e

Game says v1.00.1 instead of v1.00.10. Not a big deal.

Mine say 1.00.10 per the Launcher but 1.00.1 in game...interesting.
btw, great update...thank you

AlvaroSousa -> RE: Warplan - v1.00.10 Update (3/17/2021 9:52:35 PM)

I just forgot to put a zero but it is effectively the same number.

Last version was 1.00.091

Thanks. I put a lot of work into busting out these bug fixes and improvements the last 18m. I didn't want to be that developer that takes 3 years to fix something. I wanted to get everything working correctly ASAP so I know what to do for the WP2 engine.

Sionnach -> RE: Warplan - v1.00.10 Update (3/18/2021 6:44:40 AM)

Well, one can only applaud your dedication! Thanks for the update!

roy64 -> RE: Warplan - v1.00.10 Update (3/18/2021 10:00:51 AM)

I like that = Added choice to have A.I. keep historical or random plan in main menu

generalfdog -> RE: Warplan - v1.00.10 Update (3/24/2021 2:51:13 PM)

You are the best Alvaro, in mho best strategic game ever made! relatively easy to learn doesn't take to much time yet historically pretty accurate, excited to try the new patch and even more excited for pacific! keep up the good work!

AlvaroSousa -> RE: Warplan - v1.00.10 Update (3/24/2021 3:44:23 PM)

Thanks for the compliment.

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