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ProdigyofMilitaryPride -> Strike Mission Out of Range Despite in Operational Range? (3/13/2021 1:18:13 AM)

I was putting together a scenario based on the Strike Fighters 2 North Atlantic campaign set over in Iceland. Unfortunately, the Strike Missions I had in mind for the Soviets refused to add the Badgers/Blinders because of being "Out of Range" when I positioned them in their ideal operational range with tankers nearby.

Is this something the game does? Or am I required to detect targets or something like that?

I'll provide you access to the Scenario WIP in question.

thewood1 -> RE: Strike Mission Out of Range Despite in Operational Range? (3/13/2021 1:55:27 AM)

My understanding is if a flight is airborne, it can only be assigned to known/detected targets. I think the reasoning is that the AI has no way to know how far away the target units will show up.

I think what you can do is set up an event to activate and assign the strike aircraft after detection. Send a recon flight ahead to detect and shadow the target units. Only one of the target ships needs to be detected for the assignment to happen.

There might be easier or more elegant ways to do it, but that's what I thought of off of the top of my head.

thewood1 -> RE: Strike Mission Out of Range Despite in Operational Range? (3/13/2021 1:58:16 AM)

btw, thats a cool looking scenario you got going on. Let me know if you want someone to test it. I'd like to try it out.

SeaQueen -> RE: Strike Mission Out of Range Despite in Operational Range? (3/13/2021 2:24:49 AM)

You're thinking about this one wrong. The key is to understand the tactic you're trying to portray.

At the scenario start, the aircraft are not en route to the target. They have no target to be en route to. They are in flight, however. With an undetected target it suggests they're in a holding orbit waiting to be passed a target by some external cuing. In this case it looks like the external cuing is provided by the Bears, Blinders, and the MiG-25 recce flight?

The way to think about it, is that the naval bombers and the sensing aircraft are a team. The sensors are at the front of the kill chain. The naval bombers are at the tail end.

Really, the naval bombers are there to fill a CAP, and strike things when the spotters locate a suitable target for them. A better way to achieve what you're trying to achieve is create those CAPs for the bombers as patrol missions (ASuW - naval). Add tankers to support that CAP (using support missions), so that they can make it to and from home base. Make a prosecution area to define the sector where they're interested in striking surface ships (I assume the GIUK Gap). Change the WRA so that they aren't going to strike ships that are too small. Change the ROE so they won't shoot at things not declared hostile. Then make sure that the sensors for the spotters can cover the area effectively.

You don't really need the recce FOXBAT, though. The Bears are good enough using their sensors to cue the naval bombers. I'd elongate their orbits more to better make use of their sensors.

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