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marionmco -> Greek Army without HQ (3/12/2021 3:26:59 PM)


No Greek HQ before 1917/02 ? Greece is invaded in 1915 in my game.....need to buy one ?

Bavre -> RE: Greek Army without HQ (3/12/2021 3:55:07 PM)

Yes. But in MP you probably should not bother, Greece won't live long enough for you to deploy it.

marionmco -> RE: Greek Army without HQ (3/12/2021 4:08:53 PM)


Athens and Larrissa with only a level supply of 5 ?

Bavre -> RE: Greek Army without HQ (3/12/2021 4:30:06 PM)

Unfortunatelly, yes. Greece has no primary supply hub on its own. Ironically the CP do not have that problem, which leads to the strange situation that the attackers have way better supply than the defenders. That's what makes Greece imho undefensible. As long as the CP player halfway knows what he's doing he will easily kill both the Greeks and any french/brits you send in.

mdsmall -> RE: Greek Army without HQ (3/12/2021 4:38:42 PM)

The curious fact is that the Entente needs to retain at least one Serbian capital in order for the towns in Greece to produce more than 5 supply (see my earlier thread on Understanding Supply). Of course, if the Central Powers are attacking Greece, they have usually eliminated Serbia first, so that is no help. The best you can do is have another Entente general land in Greece to raise the supply to 8 - just as the Entente has to do in Egypt.

marionmco -> RE: Greek Army without HQ (3/12/2021 5:04:05 PM)

Thanks, I didn't know the link beetween Serbia / Greece.
It's a little bit defend Greece : we need at least on HQ.

I saw CP (in another game) with a supply level of 10 in Larissa !

mdsmall -> RE: Greek Army without HQ (3/12/2021 5:11:13 PM)

It's because to receive full supply, an urban resource has to have a rail connection the Major power capital, Industrial Center or Primary Supply Center. For Greece, the only such supply sources they can connect to by rail are in Serbia. Meanwhile the Central Powers has all of the supply sources of Austria-Hungary, Germany and, if Bulgaria has joined, the Ottoman Empire too. It's one of the joys of being a "central power"!

marionmco -> RE: Greek Army without HQ (3/12/2021 5:20:46 PM)

Thanks : I've forgotten this rule.

But in that case : I think Athens should be a Primary Center (at least) : it's a supply route.

mdsmall -> RE: Greek Army without HQ (3/12/2021 5:28:17 PM)

Unfortunately, that won't help, since Greece is not a Major Power. The rail links have to run back to a Major and the only Entente Major Greece can link to overland is Serbia.

However, you are right that if Greece starts with a General, or buys one, or imports one from elsewhere, they can increase the supply they can draw from their towns.

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