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Espejo -> Convoys not working as expected (3/12/2021 2:06:38 PM)

ITs July 2015 . But somehow the US, Canada or in this case UK are sending any money anywhere. Its a first for me and I would like to undertand what triggered this behaviour


Dazo -> RE: Convoys not working as expected (3/12/2021 2:19:00 PM)

Hi Espejo, what are the details for each convoy in the convoy window ?

For US, attacking Belgium will drop its mobilization so they won't send anything before reaching a set % mobilization again.
For Russia, have you checked the percentage of UK MPPs to send ? You can adjust it manually so try to change it.
For Canada, just in case, is the starting port still at 5 supply ? Otherwise, is the country fully mobilized at 100% ?

Since all affected convoys reach the same UK port, is there any trouble there like low supply / sub raiding ?

Espejo -> RE: Convoys not working as expected (3/12/2021 2:31:16 PM)

I will check if soemhow the port is affected its July 1915. I think all countries are 100% mobilized. Actually I dint a pretty decent cleanup of enemy subs already just in case ;) I have to wait till I get my next move in the MP battle back.

BillRunacre -> RE: Convoys not working as expected (3/12/2021 3:35:49 PM)

It sounds as though the Germans are using unrestricted naval warfare, as the panic this caused had a knock on effect which is represented in game by the ports ceasing to work.

Espejo -> RE: Convoys not working as expected (3/12/2021 4:28:07 PM)

Dazo, Bill thats is exactly what happened. Woow good reason to be more aggressive with the subs I suppose. Thx for your help both

mdsmall -> RE: Convoys not working as expected (3/12/2021 4:47:30 PM)

I have not yet seen this happen in my games, but my understanding is that to shut down a British port (ie reduce it below 5), Germany had to accept the DE proposing unrestricted naval warfare, and then have a ship sitting on one the British NM hexes for at least 6 turns. Is that correct? Is there a notification from the game to this effect, either before it happens or afterwards? Can the CP achieve the same effect if German ships occupy the red hatched hexes off Halifax, Nova Scotia?

Bavre -> RE: Convoys not working as expected (3/12/2021 5:37:13 PM)

Afaik you can kill any convoy by reducing either its starting or destination harbor to 0 by just putting ships next to it for some time (normal siege mechanics apply here). The red hexes seem to have some sort of bonus effect, for example the canadian ones damage the mines, just like the turkish ones at Zonguldak.

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