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Phoenix100 -> AI control novice help (3/10/2021 12:57:06 PM)

Just starting to look at this. If I set the AI to play every country in the entente save Britain, I note that I still, in some screens, seem to have control of Belgium and Canada? Is this the case? Can i not get the AI to take control of Belgium and Canada too?

Did look in the manual and found nothing on this.


Hubert Cater -> RE: AI control novice help (3/10/2021 1:25:33 PM)

Unfortunately not and only because of how the game engine works whereby Belgium and Canada are considered minor nations of the UK, so they therefore fall under the UK umbrella of countries that the UK controls in game.

Phoenix100 -> RE: AI control novice help (3/10/2021 2:00:24 PM)

Ah. Ok. Thanks for the quick response.

Hubert Cater -> RE: AI control novice help (3/10/2021 2:03:24 PM)

My pleasure and I hope you enjoy the game [:)]

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