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aslfingerspell -> PBEM login errors. (3/8/2021 8:48:10 PM)

I'm coming back to play after a long hiatus, but there is a massive problem: I can't get the PBEM++ system to work. My problem works like this.

1. It says I don't have an account associated with the game. This is weird, because I already played a few PBEM games years ago. Maybe uninstalling and reinstalling it wiped my account? I've tried looking in my email inboxes for what my account could have been, but no dice.

2. I select "Create New". It says "Your still need to login a first time or register to get a serial code."

3. I press OK, and now I'm in the "Register with PBEM++ Server" screen. I enter a username, password, and my email address, but the Serial Code section is just a string of 0s. This is very strange, since it seems like it should be a far more random number. The example serial code on page 6 of the manual has all sorts of numbers and letters. That page also says "The
serial code is automatically read from your autogenerated serial file upon installation of the game.", but I haven't been able to find this serial file.

4. I click "Register User". It says "Registering serial number...Your serial is verified. You have not been registered. Error Report: 'Script/Database error on server [15]'. If I click Already Registered User, it just brings me to the PBEM++ page with the CHALLENGE buttons greyed out.

5. If I try to go to Login, it says "Checking user/pass...You could not be logged in. Error Report: 'User has not logged in. [6]'.

I don't know what to do.

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