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BrianG -> beta .06 and troop train capacity for Russians (3/8/2021 11:07:52 AM)

Did .06 in any way look at and adjust the Russian troop/ Russian armor corp mp's issue I had in my game versus Tyronec.

My main concern is that the.06 beta caused the late 42/43 soviet train troop transport capacity issue which heavily arose in my game versus Tyronec. Related to this was the Russians started running into very low MP's for armor corp once Stalingrad was taken. There was talk that the issue was not adding in the off map Train depots and result was very low fuel ( and thus very low tank mp's) while I had plenty of fuel in stocks. Or was is an issue with the train yearly multiplier.

to me this remains the main longer turn issue in the game b/c it seemed to me that once Stalingrad is taken, that starts a very slippery slope for the Russian capacity to wage war.

Was this addressed?

or is it still one more beta away from being addressed?



or it is how it shall be forever!

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