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Hazard151 -> [1.08.01b] Weird replacement behaviour (3/7/2021 1:00:41 PM)

I'm seeing some really weird replacement behaviour in my game. I've got a supply trunk with more than 4000 excess logistics points left over, but I have units at the end of the supply trunk not replacing fallen troops, not sending back excess troops and not replacing troops of Tolerated quality ratings even though there are troops available.

I've recently permitted my SHQ to use 80% of logistics for troop replacement, but while it's doing some combat loss replacement, it's not doing anything more than that.

zgrssd -> RE: [1.08.01b] Weird replacement behaviour (3/7/2021 6:41:06 PM)

Some questions:
- What game version, including the game version of the savegame?
- What kinsd of troops are we talking about?
- what else is on this trunk, like other cities?
- are there many splits in the road?
- what does the bottleneck display say?
- any airbridges invovled on the line?
- how many turns have you waited for the replacments? (pull points on cities and units depend on what they demanded last turn, so there can be delays for big delivery changes)

Hazard151 -> RE: [1.08.01b] Weird replacement behaviour (3/8/2021 10:24:21 AM)

Start version was 1.06.14
Troop type varies, but includes air forces waiting for replacements and infantry being shrunk down to a smaller formation. These forces are stationed literally on[ the supply line.
It's the mainline trunk, there's something like half a dozen cities on it.
One split, and a bunch bunch of pull point splices.
The bottleneck display indicates several thousand logistics points spare, and red transport capacity.
No airbridges (I've been rather unlucky with my tech rolls)
At least six turns.

zgrssd -> RE: [1.08.01b] Weird replacement behaviour (3/8/2021 11:02:20 AM)


ORIGINAL: Hazard151

Start version was 1.06.14

That savegame is 1.5 major versions old.
And that means all the Asset, Stratagems, Events, and Model data is from that far back - including any bugs.
Those could cause such issues, wich is why I asked :)

If Vic still wants to debug this, he will give you his Email to send the savegame too.
But if you could upload it publically, others might take a look at it if they spot any issues.

One specific common issue I remember:
The Militia is given access to all models that are 30 turns (~5 earth years) old. So it will start building some units you named. Militia subunits can only go to militia units (if they match that units template).
Unfortunately it is not properly indicating that these are militia versions, so it is easy to mistake them for properly miltiary ones. And the Repalcement screen does not properly filter out Militia reinforcements either.
If you can not disband them, they are militia subunits.

That leaves the airwing as problem.

Vic -> RE: [1.08.01b] Weird replacement behaviour (3/10/2021 10:06:23 AM)

Send over a save game to vic@vrdesigns.net please. I'll take a look. Add a link in that email to this thread please.

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