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IIo4Tu -> looking for experienced players ELO-games (3/6/2021 8:01:16 AM)

Hello everyone!
I am looking for someone from the list of ELO-games playing for the axis at a high professional level as an opponent. Who is ready to accept the challenge - write to me in PM.
A little bit about me: I play mainly for allies, I have accumulated some experience of playing multiplayer over the past 20+ matches, including having the pleasure of playing with EJR himself, as well as some other serious opponents who play at an above-average level. Therefore, I think that I have accumulated enough experience to play against the masters, for my part, I will try to do everything so that the match does not seem like an easy walk and you do not get bored during it.

Yellowcactus -> RE: looking for experienced players ELO-games (3/6/2021 6:20:32 PM)

Iíll play a game with you (or any other dedicated player). Iím experienced with tabletop world in flames and many online games like dominions. Somebody let me know if thereís a better way to join multiplayer games. Thanks!

HamburgerMeat -> RE: looking for experienced players ELO-games (3/7/2021 1:41:18 PM)

Sent PM

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