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zgrssd -> Ideas for a Council rework (3/3/2021 12:32:38 AM)

I have been thinking about how to rework the Councils a bit, to make them more even in power. The part where some have 2 and others have 4 entries really bugs me. As does the part where I can not do any work without the right council.

So here is my idea:
1. The Supreme Command Council becomes the National Budget. It is capable to spend BP in every councils special jurisdiction to make some progress - but at much reduced performance (-50 to -75%) and a fixed even split.
2. If you found a council, the SCC stops doing the work and the budgeted BP instead go into the proper council. Wich is more efficient by nature and hopefully has a good leader too.
3. There should maybe be some sort of "minimum spending" on each council. Something like 5%. In turn, you should be able to disolve councils (meaning the SCC takes over that job again with the fixed split).
4. Each council has exactly 2 Jobs to split their BP between. This makes it easier to split the Budget, without running into the "too many BP in one area" issue. Most already fullfill this requirement. Councils that currently have 4 jobs would get split into two.

Examples for splitting councils:
Economic Council could be split into:
- the Civil Technologies Councils - which deals with Discovery and Research of Economic techs
- the New Economics Council, wich deals with Prospecting and Economic Policy Cards.

Interior Council could be split into:
- New Interior Council - deals with Human Resources and Interior Policy
- Taxes & Tarrifs council - Taxes and Tarrifs, repectively

Military Research could be split into the 3 barnches, each dealing with Discovery and Development in one area:
- Land
- Air
- Sea

With the Staff Council I run into issues. The OOB Council is pretty easy (it is just a Discovery/Develop pair all over again). But Occupation and Governance + Postures do not make a good fit. Some things may need to be shuffeled around a bit.

Optimisation as a Council Task:
I think some Optimisation Techs can be turned from a Technology into a council task. This can help pad out Council tasks where needed. And can give a reason to keep certain councils around longterm.
The T&T Council for example would be a poor fit for keeping it around - after you got the cards to up the Taxes, you no longer need it. Unless 1 task was generating both kinds of cards, while the other was "Taxation Efficiency" - and thus how much taxes & tarrif money actually made it to your coffers.

Advatanges of this approach:
- you can always make some progress in a field, even without a dedicated council - you are just much slower using only the SCC for a task
- it is much easier to avoid overspending on one area - as you only split stuff 2 way. Or mechanics like "need to spend at least 5% on each existing council" could also take over for this penalty.
- the national budget will stop gaining new entries, wich reshuffles the budget for no cost.
- some optimisation technologies that logically need permanent investment can become new council tasks, wich would in turn make those councils much more interesting to keep longterm

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wrong subforum bro

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wrong subforum bro

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vic reads here more then there or rather first,

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