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The Land -> 14.(Eis)/KG 55 (3/2/2021 6:57:53 PM)

Playing as Germany, I've had an HQ appear called 14.(Eis)/KG 55 - I have never seen this before and I am pretty sure I didn't buy it. Is it the result of some unfamiliar event chain?

BillRunacre -> RE: 14.(Eis)/KG 55 (3/2/2021 7:36:13 PM)

That sounds like a issue with how the translation texts are organised, I'll look into it.


Hubert Cater -> RE: 14.(Eis)/KG 55 (3/19/2021 1:20:32 PM)

Hi The Land,

Do you happen to have a saved game of this that we can take a look at if you were playing against the AI? If you do, please send to support@furysoftware.com.

If it is PBEM++, can you tell me the challenge ID number so we can take a closer look?


Hubert Cater -> RE: 14.(Eis)/KG 55 (3/19/2021 1:22:02 PM)

Also, could you tell us what language you were playing in? This will help narrow it down as well.

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