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Angelicus -> Austria fights on ? (2/28/2021 11:44:27 PM)

Hi all,

In the 1805 campaign, Austria won't surrender. I have a 20 strength army sitting in Vienna.

Thought that the only condition for a major power to surrender was to occupy it's capital.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Anyone have a similar issue?


mercenarius -> RE: Austria fights on ? (3/8/2021 5:36:49 AM)

Sorry for the delay in answering your question. [:(]

At the higher levels of difficulty, the major powers do not surrender automatically after one turn. There is a random function that varies the number of turns that a capital must be occupied before that nation will surrender. So you have to keep occupying Vienna until Austria gives in. (I suppose that you have figured this out by now. [;)])

El_Condoro -> RE: Austria fights on ? (9/20/2021 11:35:27 AM)

I am loving this game - it is the first one in ages that has given me the 'just one more turn' feel. However, this issue is killing the game for me every time it happens. I have had to wait 3-4 turns (6-8 months) before Austria and sometimes Prussia will surrender. It's a game, of course, but it is so ahistorical that it hurts! :)

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