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canuckgamer -> Counter Air and Interdiction Missions (2/27/2021 2:07:00 AM)

After reading the manual again it appears that for counter air and interdiction missions you do not "move" the air units to a specific hex. If that is correct then I was doing it all wrong in my pbem game. For example I was "moving" counter air units to the hex that I was attacking with ground and other air units thinking that was how they escorted those air units supporting the ground attack.

So just to clarify, for these two missions you merely click on the air unit until the C or I appears, is that right?

Saint Ruth -> RE: Counter Air and Interdiction Missions (3/1/2021 3:37:14 PM)

Hi, that's right. The interdiction affects the enemy supply and reduces their move point and that applies to the entire map area. Cheers,

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