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blackcloud6 -> Plodder's Map Guide? (2/26/2021 8:16:48 PM)

I asked over on the Steam community if there is something that tells me the actual location of the existing maps in the game. The answer was to find the Map Guide by Plodder over here on the Matrix forums. I looked but cannot find it. Can someone point me to it?

CapnDarwin -> RE: Plodder's Map Guide? (2/26/2021 8:29:25 PM)

blackcloud6 -> RE: Plodder's Map Guide? (2/27/2021 1:06:15 PM)

Thanks. Unfortunately the tour file appears to not be there anymore. When I try to download it I either get a notice to select which browser to use, or a blank page on the browser. So I went through the the ftp site menu and found the folder it s to be in and get a 404 error when I try to download it.

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