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AlbertoC -> Fantasy General II: Evolution has been released (2/25/2021 5:13:52 PM)

Today is a great day for the Fantasy General saga: Evolution, the third DLC for Fantasy General II, has been released.

Introducing a new single player story campaign, you'll be leading a new hero, Szzlag the Devourer, and the Lizardfolk, which have been expanded with new units to become the third playable race.

They excel at marine warfare, having amphibian units, big and small alike, as well as huge crabs at their disposal. Naval warfare in general has been expanded, with new units (including neutral) having been added for all factions.

In theme with the rest of the expansion, a new map type has been added, Archipelago, bringing tropical beaches to the world of Fantasy General.

You can find more information on Evolution on its product page.

Furthermore, we are releasing a new bundle containing the base game and all its DLCs, including Evolution. You can find it here.

We are also retiring the old Hero Edition and General Edition from our store. From now on, players who want to acquire the Hero Edition extra content can do so by purchasing the new Fantasy General II Hero Edition Upgrade Pack.

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