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canuckgamer -> Zones of Control? (2/24/2021 2:13:04 AM)

In the scenario I am currently playing I have plotted a stack of units that have been adjacent to enemy units for the last 4 turns to move away from them but they have yet to do that. The route is one hex back and not moving through any enemy zones of control. Any ideas as to why they haven't been able to do that? Thanks.

Saint Ruth -> RE: Zones of Control? (2/26/2021 11:28:27 AM)

Is it multiplayer? (i.e. Can you send me a save file?)
Or show me a pic.
You should be able to move away from enemies. ZOC counts when moving into ZOC, not out of it.
There are some hexsides you cannot move across though, so perhaps that's blocking you?
If you press the 'E' hotkey, it'll show an overlay with the hexside (black for impassable, red if there's a defensive

canuckgamer -> RE: Zones of Control? (2/26/2021 5:42:56 PM)

Yes it is a multiplayer game which we just finished, Sidi Rezegh. I don't know how I can send you the file as I assume it is saved on the Matrix Games server. I just looked at the three units and noticed that two of them had something about being delayed and also ZZZ whatever all that means. I am going to take a screenshot and could send that to you.

Thanks for the reply.

Saint Ruth -> RE: Zones of Control? (3/1/2021 3:35:47 PM)

Great, you can send it

Saint Ruth -> RE: Zones of Control? (3/12/2021 5:01:59 PM)

I tried to replay to your email but it's returning with an error.

You press W to add a delay and a little black triangle should appear on the bottom right hand corner of the counter (at the higher level zoom).
But they can also be delayed due to Interdiction. the affects your Command and Control and can reduce the number of move points
a unit has.

The Delay there on your screenshot looks like a Command And Control Delay, so those units have been delayed.
That particular delay depends on the Army C&C value, the readiness of the unit, the quality, it it's has a line of communication to its HQ.

So i'd guess those units aren't moving because they have very low Readiness?


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