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sillyflower -> NO UK RESOURCES (2/23/2021 11:30:32 PM)

Oct '39 I got no resources from trade. I forgot to take a screenie but it said none of my MMs were doing anything and PPs this turn were 58 I think.No uboat on any convoy route either
I have standard .09 and I think my opponent does too: at least for our game.

?? same sort of version issues that I had with NCC

AlvaroSousa -> RE: NO UK RESOURCES (2/23/2021 11:52:55 PM)

What is the version of the game in the main menu screen?

sillyflower -> RE: NO UK RESOURCES (2/24/2021 9:29:33 AM)

game was set-up by me with 1.091. I have never used a WP beta
I have resigned the game as it has happened again, but at least I managed to take a photo


And yes I did check the convoy routes and they all show that they have resources flowing so I didn't turn them off by mistake.

My opponent confirms that he also has beta version. I expect that is the problem as issues of both ruined games were the naval BoA/resources side where AI calculations are presumably made after upload by axis but before allied turn opens.

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