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baloo7777 -> Italian Specialty Not Working (2/23/2021 5:08:42 PM)

It is February 1942 in a recent PBEM game, and I have the Italian Specialty Production points available in this screenshot:


baloo7777 -> RE: Italian Specialty Not Working (2/23/2021 5:11:10 PM)

However, when I click on an Italian unit to apply the available specialty, I am unable to. Below is the Italian Alpini Corps (has not been moved yet):


baloo7777 -> RE: Italian Specialty Not Working (2/23/2021 5:15:53 PM)

This is the Italian Para that I am trying to apply a specialty to (also has not moved), and this is the second turn in a row I have tried to give any unit a specialty:

Note that I have given a German specialty to a mech unit in the snow in Russia last turn but have been unable to do so for the Italians. This is version beta 10u3. Is this a bug?


ncc1701e -> RE: Italian Specialty Not Working (2/23/2021 5:53:15 PM)

It seems. I will monitor using the latest beta.

AlvaroSousa -> RE: Italian Specialty Not Working (2/23/2021 6:58:40 PM)

It was an old rule that wasn't corrected in the code.
Before only base units could specialize.

I fixed it for next patch thanks.

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