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obrien979 -> Setting Up Re-supply (2/20/2021 12:19:59 PM)

Before I slam my head against the table anymore, I figured I would ask te professionals. I have a few Lua Scripts that I have managed to master (very few), so I decided t try and create a script that would reload an Airbase Magazines with weapons, but only the magazines were below a set value. For example, I have AH-64Es stationed at an Airbase, I have added enough AGM-114K (HELLFIRE) missiles for one reload per Helicopter. AS the mission progresses thes A/C will be firing off the missiles alot!

I was hoping to create a Lua script that looks at the current amount of said munition in the Airbase's magazines, then subtracts that from a given constant number (representing the max amount allowed to be stored), then reloads the magazines with the difference value. SO if the Magazine has 25 missiles and the max amount allowed is 50, I would want the script to only add an additional 25.

I hope that I made this as clear as I could.


KnightHawk75 -> RE: Setting Up Re-supply (2/20/2021 12:46:34 PM)

See if this system\framework works for your needs (with adjusted times etc) before building your own, which can be done of course, but can get involved.

Demeter - Automated Logistic System

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