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yvesp -> Windows 10 install fails (2/17/2021 6:02:48 PM)

I've just bought the game.
Tried to install. However, the installer keeps stuck at the stage where it says installing eianw001.tpj.
The file seems to have been properly written (at least it exists and is not empty), but the installer is stuck.
The game shortcut never appears on my desktop.

Since this looks like the end of the installer (progress slider is full), I try to launch the game and get an error with serial number (pretty sure it's good ; tried more than once, believe me).

I contacted the company suppot but it was not helpful. It suggested installing using windows safe mode, something I've not had to do for more than 20 years. So I won't. I disabled the anti-virus to no avail.

Does anyone know of the best way to install this game ?


ThomasJay -> RE: Windows 10 install fails (2/17/2021 7:36:50 PM)

Others and myself have had to install the game in safe mode. After that the updates install in normal mode and everything works fine. Bit of a p.i.t.a. but I found it worth it, hope you do as well.

yvesp -> RE: Windows 10 install fails (2/18/2021 7:01:53 AM)


Honestly, that's a real shame.
I'll think about this, but I'm unlikely to do so : a game that requires safe mode to install is obviously doing something normally not allowed.
There are other games out there that are good and do a better job with my computer : Matrix should think hard about this.

Too bad.

Maple Leaf -> RE: Windows 10 install fails (2/18/2021 7:46:08 PM)

The game installs correctly on Windows 10 machines if you follow this procedure:
Install the original v1.05 version of the game. In the EIA folder right click on the .exe file and select compatibility tab and set to Win XP service pk2.
Then reboot your computer.
Install v1.23.00 and set the compatibility tab as mentioned above. Reboot your computer again.
Then download the latest v1.23.07 beta and when unzipping it into your EIA folder allow it to overwrite the .exe file.
Your game will now run as it should on Windows 10 and when you first start the game in the lower right corner it will show v1.23.07

pzgndr -> RE: Windows 10 install fails (2/19/2021 2:34:32 PM)


a game that requires safe mode to install is obviously doing something normally not allowed.
Matrix should think hard about this.

The main issue is the original installer dates from 2008. Yes itís a pita but still works. Matrix does intend to update the installer after this next official update v1.23.08 is released. That should allow players to make a single install without hassles. I expect future updates can be simpler, just a new EXE since hopefully the larger data files and such wonít need updating.

yvesp -> RE: Windows 10 install fails (2/27/2021 3:49:25 PM)

Thanks for the info.

I'll wait.

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