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ledrobi -> Valor & Victory is coming soon (2/16/2021 4:45:21 PM)

We have partnered with Yobowargames to publish Valor & Victory, a brand new wargame that adds to the already extensive list of wargames that will release this year.

Valor & Victory is a fast-playing, easy to learn World War II squad-level game system. Based on the original Valor & Victory board game, the digital edition provides you with an accessible and deep challenge, developed for classic tabletop game lovers.

With 20 scenarios based on real events shortly after the Normandy Landings in 1944, the game challenges you to achieve different goals: eliminate the enemy, capture objectives or move certain units off of the map.

Valor & Victory is a complete WWII wargaming system, covering infantry and armored combat, close assaults, armored overruns, fortifications, and much more.

Valor & Victory comes with full multiplayer support: challenge your friends in 1v1 multiplayer matches over PBEM or in hotseat mode. If you’re looking to test your skills, sign up for official tournaments and climb the leaderboard as well.

An extremely intuitive built-in scenario editor allows you to build and play your own scenarios either against the AI or against your friends. Pick a map, set the objective, choose the factions, place units and defenses where you prefer. Add details and customize your rules: decide the number of turns, the weather conditions and the starting team. The scenario editor gives you all the tools to create custom challenges without limitations.


Valor & Victory is looking for beta testers: apply now and help us improve the game.

joeyeti -> RE: Valor & Victory is coming soon (2/17/2021 2:51:59 PM)

Excited and applied for Beta!

Deepstuff3725 -> RE: Valor & Victory is coming soon (2/28/2021 3:23:36 AM)

Will the game have a map editor? Or if not at first release then maybe down the road?

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