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Tendraline -> Capital Blues (2/14/2021 10:09:18 PM)

While testing my new strategy of capturing Thorn on the first turn, I lost a zero-strength Antwerp in the west with a few lucky dice rolls. When I took at the income balance, though, I gained income. When I took the city back, my income dropped.

This appears to be because of the fact that Belgium's capital changed each time. After all, capitals are worth 8 times the MPPs than the towns that they replace. Other people have mentioned how moving capitals towards the front line makes little real-life sense, but it also makes little game sense too. Given this, the best game strategy is to spend all of your forces clearing the hexes around Brussels and never ever touch Antwerp.

It is even worse for Italy if it recaptures Naples, since after their capture the capital moves to Palermo, where it boosts resource strengths in Sicily. The moment that Naples is captured, these MPPs are lost, which is terrible for a cash-strapped Italy. Considering that you can operate in and out of Sicily, this is very strange.

There is also Greece, where resource strengths (including Athens) suddenly drop if you lose Salonika, not Athens, making defense of the country tough. Add on the royalists and it is only a matter of time. In other words, Athens and Kalamata desperately need to contribute to boosting strengths.

Oh yeah, and the Crimean People's Republic post-Litovsk has no capital because IDK.

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