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maverick3320 -> Newbie questions (2/14/2021 6:17:37 PM)

In some scenarios I see airfields with 100+ items. How do I consolidate these items to show up as a single airbase icon on the map? I can't seem to select aircraft at the "disaggregated" airbases.

Also - I've seen screenshots with "mini" data boxes on the screen for systems. How do I display these mini boxes (not the vertical bar on the far right side of the screen)?

Schr75 -> RE: Newbie questions (2/14/2021 6:44:19 PM)

Hi Maverick

You need to select "group view" instead of "unit view", to see the airbase as a group.
You can select that from the "map settings" drop down menu or use the 9 key on the numeric keyboard.

If you want to build an airbase your self, you group the elements by selecting them all and then pressing g, to group them.

Regarding the "mini" data boxes.
I think you are talking about the "hover info box".
If you have enabled the feature under game options, just press "control" while hovering the mouse pointer over the unit.


maverick3320 -> RE: Newbie questions (2/14/2021 8:32:03 PM)

Outstanding, thank you Schr75.

One more question: when I order an aircraft or group to engage an enemy, one of the aircraft invariably bursts out ahead of the group, toward the enemy, in order to engage. Frequently this results in the lead craft going well into range of the enemy air to air missiles. Is there any way to get my aircraft to use their air to air missile range advantage by "dancing" outside enemy range? I understand that some missiles may require aircraft to point their nose at the enemy, but my aircraft do it even with, say, AMRAAMs.

thewood1 -> RE: Newbie questions (2/14/2021 8:34:53 PM)

Stupid question...have you gone through the tutorials or watched the recommended video tutorials? Those will answer some of your questions and probably ones you haven't thought of yet.

maverick3320 -> RE: Newbie questions (2/14/2021 9:23:48 PM)

Not a stupid question at all since I rarely play tutorials for games. For this beast, however, I played every tutorial mission to completion. I also watched 5-6 videos on YouTube. I have to space all the learning out, though - work full time and have a nine month old which means if Iím lucky Iíll get 60 min free during the day.

I donít remember any of the tutorials covering the quick info boxes but itís possible I was half asleep while playing. I also tried to do a forum search but I donít know what I donít know, to roughly paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld.

thewood1 -> RE: Newbie questions (2/14/2021 10:17:22 PM)

The manual covers the hover info box. Its mentioned in a couple places, but is best explained on page 34.

Also, page 75 that explains game options and BVR settings might also give you some clues on air to air missile engagements. I think if you search crank in the manual, you'll find it mentioned in a couple spots.

thewood1 -> RE: Newbie questions (2/14/2021 10:21:45 PM)

Did a forum search on "AMRAAM" and the first thing that came up was the change log for 1147.15/16

"TWEAK: Datalink + TARH AAW missiles (e.g. AMRAAM, SM-6 etc.) can now go active without immediately going autonomous (this allows such missiles to be guided with greater precision & reliability against VLO targets or in strong OECM environment). The datalink is cut instead only when the missile acquires the target (or impacts on it, still under positive control from the link provider)."

That, combined with the BVR settings should be a clue as to what is happening.

thewood1 -> RE: Newbie questions (2/14/2021 10:24:04 PM)

btw, posting a save with the exact situation you are seeing is always good form. Otherwise everyone is guessing at what you are seeing. That can lead to bad advice and awkward silence.

I know you are new and can't post a zip for a bit, but that's for future reference.

maverick3320 -> RE: Newbie questions (2/14/2021 10:56:18 PM)

Interesting. There must be multiple versions of the manual, as I don't see anything about BVR engagements on page 75:

"The dialogs on the right side of the display are the unit/group
information dialogs. These are utilized by left clicking a unit/
contact in the display which changes the
different dialogs displaying information
about the selected units/contacts. What
and how much is displayed depends on
what the player has access too. If the unit
is on the player side, friendly or the game
is in scenario editor mode the player will
have access to all information. If in game
mode and the player is neutral, unfriendly
or hostile the player will only have access
to what their contact information filters
The right side information panel can
be extended or retracted via the button on
the upper left side of it.
4.5.1 Unit Status Dialog
Name: The unit or group name will be displayed at the top. If an
image for the unit is available, it will be remotely downloaded
and displayed.
Proficiency: The unitís proficiency (see 5.4.4, Add/Edit Sides)
will be displayed.
Type: Clicking on this opens the database viewer with the
selected unit displayed. If a group is selected, clicking will
produce a list of the groupís composition. Clicking a unit name.."

maverick3320 -> RE: Newbie questions (2/14/2021 11:01:11 PM)

I did find the BVR logic in the doctrine tab, the problem was I wasn't able to cycle through them as it looks like the scenario developer locked the options (the box next to it is unchecked, and I can't access the dropdown). Operator error, I suppose.

thewood1 -> RE: Newbie questions (2/14/2021 11:34:48 PM) 57. You could have also have just searched "crank", as I mentioned. It brings a up a few references to BVR logic.

Muhammad.Tufail -> RE: Newbie questions (7/6/2021 6:56:31 AM)

How to make up a number for a group, just like in starcraft.

Dimitris -> RE: Newbie questions (7/6/2021 11:27:21 AM)


ORIGINAL: Muhammad.Tufail
How to make up a number for a group, just like in starcraft.

Ctrl + [number] after multi-selecting the desired units. Then, pressing [number] will automatically select these units.

IIRC this is in the manual...?

Muhammad.Tufail -> RE: Newbie questions (7/7/2021 11:57:50 PM)


ORIGINAL: Dimitris


ORIGINAL: Muhammad.Tufail
How to make up a number for a group, just like in starcraft.

Ctrl + [number] after multi-selecting the desired units. Then, pressing [number] will automatically select these units.

IIRC this is in the manual...?

Got it, thank you!

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