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wodin -> Oh hum (2/11/2021 6:05:50 PM)

I found the scale of units for the city fight is just to high for me. I'd have been very happy at coy level but not regiment I'm afraid.

Ichili -> RE: Oh hum (3/6/2021 1:32:46 AM)

With the game at regiment level, I wonder how some situations in which divisions that shrunk to only a few hundred men and still fought will be reflected.

Saint Ruth -> RE: Oh hum (3/12/2021 5:04:54 PM)

Hi, no, not really. A regiment with very low strength would have few men of course, but it's still a regiment.
That said, in the game, regiments can be broken down into Battalions, but if a regiment has low strength, that won't be possible.

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