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AllenK -> Convoys in Flames (2/10/2021 8:23:44 PM)

I was disappointed to read a thread from Steve a while back that said Convoys in Flames wasn't going to be implemented. The main reason given seemed to be the difficulty and complexity of adding oil tankers.

With the all the problems of resource routing and production in the current game, I can understand why oil tankers wouldn't be a good idea but why can't the option be partially developed?

For me, the main reason and attraction for Convoys in Flames was the removal of the free ASW factors CP's get as the game progresses. Getting free escorts is very much against the historical choices nations had to make. Either divert resources into building the necessary escorts (at the expense of other projects), as the Allies, and particularly CW did or prioritise the other projects and risk having your merchant marine decimated by subs (as happened to the Japanese). Far more realistic for players to either have to build dedicated escorts and escort carriers (but then get the benefits of the pre ASW attack) or have to use CA's/CL's as a compromise in the escort role.

Convoys is the ideal counterpart to Cruisers and balances the latter option.

TrogusP96 -> RE: Convoys in Flames (3/14/2021 8:14:07 PM)

Yes. Unlike so many other games where the Battle of the Atlantic and naval aspects are too abstracted. The BofAWiF does an amazing job ever since the 1st Edition. And has continued to improve. When I saw Conv in F I thought so cool. However the built in ASW at least for the US seems like its to keep from adding the BPs, Fact and Resources that the US economy would need to build to historical ASW levels (100 plus CVEs, over 1 million tons displacement and 2400 AC capacity, 60,000 plus crew?) that could be diverted to other builds. Similarly WiF as never had an option for the original US Victory Plan of 200 plus divisions which was not scrapped until Barbarossa) What affect would this extra US capacity have on the game? If Germany did not do U bats that would free up alot of BPs? The Battle of the Atlantic ASW competed with LSTs etc. So would the US economy would need an increase for ASW units?

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