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ready4you -> How does one Kabuki? (2/7/2021 4:05:10 PM)

New player here trying to execute the Kabuki with airfields as axis player. I've seen threads featuring posts from Telemecus with diagrams but I require a live in action demonstration of this process. Can someone point me to a video or series of diagrams showing these done step by step?

JoeLewis -> RE: How does one Kabuki? (2/7/2021 5:25:14 PM)

You want an empty airbase close to the front lines. You need to transfer all your planes out of an aircraft at the start of the turn because planes cannot transfer to a new airbase if they have even 1% miles flown. If you shift+click on your staging base and then select a bombing mission, a screen will show up that lets you pick only the planes in that Air Army/Luftflotte. In addition, a staging base extends the distance

Next, keep the planes in the same Air Army together further back from the front lines but close to your rail line. You can micro it even further by looking at the range of individual plane types to maximize your advantages. I think a staging base increase the range by 50%. So a plane with a 10-hex range could actually hit out to 15 hexes if routed through a staging base.

You want to move your planes through the air using the air transfer method instead of moving them on the ground because that movement racks up air miles on your planes.

Finally, you can put some of your planes on National Reserve every turn to keep them fresh and to reduce your logistic requirements. I have never gotten that involved in the game

ready4you -> RE: How does one Kabuki? (2/7/2021 7:07:25 PM)

JoeLewis, I don't grasp the concept of how to relocate planes forward closer to the front as the advance goes forward. That's why i'm asking for some visuals to understand the cycling process.

redrum68 -> RE: How does one Kabuki? (2/7/2021 7:25:58 PM)

Move up an empty airbase forward and then use air transfer mode to move planes from another airbase further back to that empty airbase. You can only air transfer planes that haven't yet been moved/used as they must have 0% flown for that turn. Also if you are playing Axis, the army (non-LW) airbases are only meant for recon planes.

Kilo59 -> RE: How does one Kabuki? (2/7/2021 7:44:22 PM)

I learned the Kabuki from redrum68's Air System References and Tips. He has a couple links to Kabuki in there, with visuals.

ready4you -> RE: How does one Kabuki? (2/7/2021 8:17:58 PM)



I learned the Kabuki from redrum68's Air System References and Tips. He has a couple links to Kabuki in there, with visuals.

Thanks for that. I use the beta patch 1.12 . Does this mean i no longer need to swap airbases around to keep them in supply at the front?

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