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Sieppo -> Total war (2/6/2021 12:39:40 PM)

Yeah I'd call it pretty total, almost 1.3million killed in two wars against different enemies [:D]. I've killed like one third of the starting population on the world in enemy soldiers. 250k casualties. Extreme difficulty so the AI probably cheats a lot. I'm like constantly fighting infantry units the size of 100 or 10k soldiers.


zgrssd -> RE: Total war (2/6/2021 1:24:58 PM)

"Kill one and it is a tragedy.
Kill a Million and it is a statistic."

Part of the issue is that there is no POW System in the game. Units that surrendered have the people making them up vanish, just like if they were killed. So everyone that is being fielded, is already dead as far as population is concerned.

Sieppo -> RE: Total war (2/6/2021 1:27:01 PM)

True! Never thought of that. Of course if you scrap a unit in the SHQ, the men returns to the population.

Would be cool to have POW-camps actually! Or that you needed them.

BlueTemplar -> RE: Total war (2/6/2021 2:29:40 PM)

Are you sure they don't actually join the Free Folk ?

Sieppo -> RE: Total war (2/6/2021 2:36:19 PM)


ORIGINAL: BlueTemplar

Are you sure they don't actually join the Free Folk ?

I think there is a warning that they do that if you scrap them outside of a zone etc? Cannot check now. Or do you mean surrendering soldiers?

I hope Vic adds POW camps. Could have its own leaders etc mutinys. It's an asset you have to manage.

BlueTemplar -> RE: Total war (2/6/2021 2:39:21 PM)

Yeah, maybe it happens for both ?

Would soldiers really surrender if they knew that they were going to be executed anyway ? Hey, your regime's attitude about that could be a Regime Feat !

Uemon -> RE: Total war (2/6/2021 2:49:31 PM)



Extreme difficulty so the AI probably cheats a lot.

Thats what caught my attention :( I suspect the same in my games. Even on lowest 2 difficulties, AI just has endless hordes of manpower.

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