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budherre -> WIF Forum Login problems (2/4/2021 7:49:52 PM)

I am a newbie, so forgive me if this question has been asked before. While restoring a saved NP game, the program takes me to the forum. When I try to login I get the error message "Error = 6. User not presently logged in. Unable to access Seeking Opponent database." The person I am playing against gets the same error. Of course not being able to login to the forum keeps us from restoring a game. What is Error 6 and how can we resolve it and get logged onto the forum?

budherre -> RE: WIF Forum Login problems (2/5/2021 2:10:02 PM)

Never mind. I fixed it. The Matrix Games and WIF forum names and passwords must be the same. Maybe you should post that in the newby section of the WIF forum.

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