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carll11 -> Unit code etc. (2/4/2021 12:47:01 PM)

Hello Jason and or Berto...or anyone who bookmarked their posts from way back and can share with me; explaining the 'code' or digit placement Identifiers etc. re; units their status etc., example;

1 45 53 5761 16 16 548 0 0 16777280 0 5762 5763 10855 -1

is a fixed unit,

this one, is not;

1 52 88 4595 16 16 251 13 18 553649185 0 4594 -1

I had a word doc. with all that stuff noted, some gained via laborious trial and error and them one day Jason posted an explanation for it all [sm=00000007.gif]anyway, my doc has gone to data heaven and I havn't played camp series in over a year,. been stuck on TOAWIV,....memory has served me some what well, I know what the strength digit is, fatigue, movement but...thats were my memory surrenders to time and age..

Jason Petho -> RE: Unit code etc. (2/4/2021 4:12:47 PM)

for CSME 2.0
(This is being modified for CSME 3.0)

-1 or -id
-2 or -strength
-3 or -assault
-4 or -defend
-5 or -firingcost
-6 or -loadingcost
-7 or -unloadingcost
-8 or -speed
-9 or -xcspeed
-10 or -weight
-11 or -pressure
-12 or -concealment
-13 or -movesound
-14 or -firesound
-15 or -countercell2d
-16 or -basecell3d
-17 or -animate
-18 or -type1d (NATO symbol)
-19 or -type2d (unit icon)
-20 or -bitmap3d
-21 or -points
-22 or -moveflags
-23 or -carryflags
-24 or -fireflags
-25 or -otherflags
-26 or -moreflags
-27 or -startyear
-28 or -startmonth
-29 or -stopyear
-30 or -stopmonth
-31 or -frontmod
-32 or -sidemod
-33 or -rearmod
-34 or -name
-35 or -short
-36 or -nick

carll11 -> RE: Unit code etc. (2/4/2021 5:19:27 PM)

hummmmm, dont think thats it....you wouldnt happen to have an older one, you posted it, gosh 1-2 years ago..(?)and, what would be the non fixed or fixed digtis in your iteration above? -27 and -28?

Jason Petho -> RE: Unit code etc. (2/4/2021 6:19:44 PM)

Where are you pulling that line from?

carll11 -> RE: Unit code etc. (2/4/2021 10:09:50 PM)


ORIGINAL: Jason Petho

Where are you pulling that line from?

from a panzer camp scn. I know its different BUT the datasets/codes were almost the same.

Ex; if you're 12 turns deep in a game, you see that you've forgotten to add or subtract strength from a unit or fixed a unit you didnt mean to or, you want to like that other gentleman, add an objective hex mid game theres a way in the .btl file to change or add fortifications, Objective hexes, change fixed to unfixed etc.
I had all of the notes for doing that but had a major data failure and lost them....

if I recall you posted a explanation for all that a while back....

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