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Joseignacio -> OOS Egypt bug (2/1/2021 1:51:49 PM)

As you can see in the first image, taken without counters to whow the hexes, there is no reason why Cairo shouldn't act as a secondary for the supply coming from India (see the small lateral image of the convoy lines).

However, as my second post's image will show, some of the units (IIRW all non TERR) were OOS.


All the same, for the Final reorganization, I got my land units in Egypt reorganized (including those in Alexandria), but muy Fleet at Alexandria didn't. Different bug, not just supply but Final Reorg..


Joseignacio -> RE: OOS Egypt bug (2/1/2021 1:53:30 PM)

Here are the units. Unfortunately no savegame.


Centuur -> RE: OOS Egypt bug (2/1/2021 3:09:40 PM)

Can you post a gamesave? It's difficult to check without it...

Joseignacio -> RE: OOS Egypt bug (2/1/2021 11:02:31 PM)

Sure, of this I have a save, problem earlier was that I couldn't upload it because the web forum started to get really annoying with the Bad Gateway error and I got fed up. Here it goes the one I was going to upload.

NOte: I am pretty sure it's this one, but I have several zipped saves, in the rare case it isnt please tell me,

Centuur -> RE: OOS Egypt bug (2/2/2021 10:37:18 AM)

If I load this gamesave the units are stated to be in supply.

We've seen this happening sometimes. The way to get around this problem is to pick up a HQ and put it back into the hex it is in, so that the supply situation will be recalculated. If that doesn't clear the problem, the best way to proceed is to make a gamesave and reload the game.

It's difficult to adress the bug which is causing this, because of the fact that by loading the game fresh, there is no bug visible.

Also, it's advisable to close down the game totally (exit all menu's) and restart the game itself, before restoring a saved game. Sometimes MWIF doesn't seem to close down everything if one exit's the game.

Joseignacio -> RE: OOS Egypt bug (2/2/2021 10:43:46 AM)

Thanks a lot!

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