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el cid again -> New Allied Aircraft Tops and Alphas (1/30/2021 5:20:44 PM)

The 6.14 update for RHS includes extensively reworked tops and related alphas. The first major
work by Mifune in a long time, this

RHS Comprehensive Update 6.14!Ap7XOIkiBuUwha4tGHbAfCvtPzNqnQ?e=HGpyfM

This is an unusually significant and comprehensive update. It includes files of every
sort: pwhexe.dat files, art files, scenario files and documentation files.

Note in particular RHS aircraft art is generally useful in ALL mods. RHS participated in a universal
project to generate aircraft and ship art. Usually stock bitmaps are used, when they exist. Mifune
worked in Gimp at much higher resolution and much higher color depth than AE permits. [See AMD materials
originally from ATI - which AMD bought - about why rendering at higher resolution than used in the
final display product is the best way to achieve the best product possible]. I recommend players with
stock, RHS or any mod using similar aircraft use these tops and alphas - adding any unique work you may
have added to the common project. Even aircraft types not used in any RHS scenario may be present. You
can identify bitmaps and aircraft scenario slot numbers using the RHS documentation materials on aircraft.
These include tools like look up the plane in alphabetical order to find slot or bitmap ID.

Finding what bitmap (etc) is used by a particular aircraft image is facilitated by documentation files.
In particular, there is a new Allied Aircraft Excel Spreadsheet listing all types in alphabetical order.

GaryChildress -> RE: New Allied Aircraft Tops and Alphas (1/30/2021 11:15:50 PM)

Glad to hear Mifune is still around! [:)]

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